Said, "bullish", and "put

Said, "bullish" and "put" option that is being created at the time and widely traded, people invented such as "bulb futures" of trading, speculators, and in fact have no intention of asking what they buy, they only hope soon to his contract price and then sell for profit buy rs gold to his behind the plate are connected. In order to regulate this activity, the Netherlands enacted a new law, set up a special tulip notary, appointed for a fixed place of tulip trade. When this futures trading cheap runescape money frenzy upgrade, other economic activities slowed down. Dazzling tulip prices to rise, real estate is mortgaged, the owner used to ensure that they get to participate in speculative tulip prices continued to rise right. The new price more buyers push up the power.
One story illustrates the atmosphere of that time and people's mood. The Hague, a shoemaker, a small plant in the garden on the final bred a black tulip, a group of growers from Haierlemu visited him, persuaded him to sell them flowers. Shoemaker to 1500 Florin price to sell their baby, the buyer of one black tulip immediately fell, and they grind their feet stepped on, until it turned into a pool of mud. Shoemaker stunned. Buyers have explained that they also breed a black tulip, destroy this branch of their own flower is unique up.
1636, the past seems

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